An epoch-making blockchain financial infrastructure builder

The creator of the next generation of peer-to-peer distributed encrypted payments

Advocate of Defi, a fully decentralized trading platform


TOTO: The Toto platform is the most advanced distributed network system in the world. It has assembled the world's top blockchain technology developers and a number of senior financial industry practitioners to design and build. By adopting many of the latest technology in the industry, it incorporates different innovative elements. It aims to provide basic supporting network facilities in the era of blockchain, so that more public chains can operate and trade smoothly, lay a technical foundation for Dapp developers and cryptocurrency trading platforms, and promote the steady progress of the global digital industry.

Our advantage


Top technical team

TOTO has top technical teams from all over the world. Team members have unique insights and experiences in the fields of blockchain, finance, and security. They have many years of experience, which brings huge advantages and guarantees to TOTO's technological development.


Mass application

TOTO has core business segments covering all directions, and has developed in supporting blockchain infrastructure construction, multi-functional digital wallets, Dapp development platforms, digital asset exchanges and other fields, and will eventually converge and link into an overall ecosystem.


Global market launch

TOTO has a wealth of community team members and has carried out commercial deployments worldwide. The strong power of trust and consensus enables TOTO to be launched simultaneously in various markets around the world, rapidly expanding the market and seizing opportunities!

Commercial application

Defi Exchange

TotoEX is building a true decentralized exchange based on the Toto public chain and the distributed virtual wallet network Tot. The created Defi loan module can perfectly realize the user's capital needs. Transparency and efficiency are the service concepts implemented by the TOTO decentralized trading platform.

Multifunctional digital wallet

Toto's design architecture aims to eliminate the confirmation time of cross-chain transactions. Users only need to make a transaction on the Toto chain or exchange tokens, and they can immediately exchange the assets they want. Toto hopes that users can trade various token assets directly from the wallet.

Cross-chain interaction scenarios

Toto applies Tugmented Information Tayer technology to achieve cross-chain communication and information exchange; at the same time, this technology can ensure that users and developers expand the compatibility of any tokens and develop more complex applications. Through this speed, Toto users can attach additional data to each transaction that occurs on the Toto public chain. Toto is committed to making Tot technology compatible with various distributed data storage systems, providing unlimited possibilities for interlinking.

Dapp development platform

On Toto's infrastructure platform, developers can use the Toto public chain to develop dApps. Our philosophy is to provide users with a silky experience as much as possible. We don't want to see users go through complicated jump pages one after another and pass through several gateways when using dApp. By then, we will build Toto into a platform that can easily run dApps on any basic chain.

team introduction

team introduction

Balazs Deme

Founder & CEO

Balazs began to get involved in the blockchain industry in 2012. Before founding TOT, he had worked in various industries such as e-commerce and gaming market for many years. In addition to blockchain, he has also actively participated in artificial intelligence development projects in recent years. Before moving to Berlin, he lived in Budapest and Houston, Texas.

Thomas Euler

Ecosystem and strategy

Thomas has been in the digital business for the past ten years. In his last job before working independently, he was the CEO of a digital transformation consulting company. He has helped many clients, from well-known global brands to start-ups, to develop their digital strategies. He is also a distributed system geek and blockchain enthusiast. As an avid technology blogger, he publishes many technical and other topics on Medium.

Carolin Beer

software engineer

Carolin is a full-stack development engineer with practical experience as a blockchain engineer. She used to be a student research assistant at KIT, responsible for the implementation of Ethereum smart contracts and Hyperledger's energy market blockchain.

Albert Callarisa Roca

Senior Software Engineer

Albert is our software engineer and has more than ten years of experience in back-end development. Most of his time is focused on developing scalable distributed systems. He is most confident in using Go, Node.js and PostgreSQL.

Rokas Budrauskas

Business analyst

Rokas is a passionate young executive with excellent work experience in marketing and business development. He will bring great energy and talent to the team.

Soja Subhagar

Market analyst

Soja is a marketing and brand promotion expert with excellent interpersonal skills and writing talent. She worked in statutory audits and public participation projects of Greenpeace, and then went to Germany to start a marketing career.

Defi ecology

The blockchain technology adopted by DeFi has the characteristics of traceability, non-tampering and high transparency, which is a useful supplement to the current financial industry. Later, with the maturity of DeFi and the iteration of blockchain technology, DeFi will play more and more important roles, and even become the financial system that will dominate the future "code world".

As the infrastructure provider for many existing blockchain projects, TOTO also attaches the most importance to the development of Defi's ecology. Compared with traditional finance, DeFi has unique advantages. DeFi advocates undifferentiated but conditional (there are conditions for asset requirements) access. The adoption of blockchain technology ensures high transparency of transaction data, and irreversibility and certain degree of transaction Resist the role of censorship.

The Defi financial ecosystem that TOTO will build in the future will include: currency banking services (such as the issuance of stable certificates), non-monetary banking services (such as loan agreements), securities industry financial services, and other financial services not included (such as tokenization agreements, KYC/AML/identity authentication, etc.) 

Node-Mining Pool

We expect all transfer fees paid for unused TOT tokens to be concentrated in the mining pool. If users pay their Toto transfer fees in Bitcoin, this fee will not be directly sent to the subgroup of validators that verify the block containing the transaction information. Instead, this fee will go to the mining pool. The mining pool will collect all these fees on the chain and manage these unclaimed funds through the blockchain.


The validator will receive TOT token rewards from the mining pool T-pool, and will also receive additional block rewards from each generated block. The token reward share of the block is proportional to the number of tokens pledged by each individual validator before the block verification starts. We hope that other node participants on the Toto chain-supervisors, token storage and Tot nodes, will obtain TOT tokens as part of the node rewards instead of directly sharing the fees earned by validators.

Block reward

Our current idea is to allocate 90% of the block rewards to the participants of the ordinary nodes in the network (supervisors, block building/queuing mechanism and key fragment storage nodes), and the remaining 10% to the validators. Because compared with the total supply of tokens, the amount of newly generated TOT tokens in each block is small, and the corresponding block-level rewards are insignificant. The block reward in Toto is mainly used to reward the nodes that maintain the Toto chain.

Mining pool

There are two options when designing a mining pool: 1) validators can use TOT tokens to claim their shares in the mining pool; 2) for every 3 blocks generated, the mining pool allocates all the tokens in the pool. Each validator's share will be distributed according to the tokens pledged by the validator in the verified block, and these verified blocks constitute the current mining pool. The share of the validator is proportional to the pledged part. We hope that the amount of tokens flowing into the mining pool will be equal to the amount of tokens flowing out.

TOTO network growth strategy

Establishing and nurturing a prosperous Toto ecosystem is very important to the success of the project. Although the structure of our platform has all the factors that benefit from network effects-mainly focused on liquidity, low transaction fees and user experience-we know that we need to concentrate and work together to gain initial development momentum and a large number of key ecosystem participation By.

N2B Network-to-business

Before TOT chain starts:

• Establish the role of professional partners and hire consultants with rich industry resources in the field of finance & technology finance

•Invite professionals to hold regular events around the world

• Use Toto open source technology to cultivate an active developer community

After the TOT chain is started:

•Establish TOT Academy: an all-encompassing digital library that provides exclusive information and user guides with live demonstrations.

•Establish a business development team, focus on (strategic) business relationships, and establish collaborative partnerships

• Establish the role of a professional partner, hire someone in the financial & technology financial field

•Invite professionals to hold regular events around the world

• Use Toto open source technology to cultivate an active developer community

N2C Network-to-customer

Before TOT chain starts:

• Continuously broadcast project progress, release product features, and answer user questions

• Establish a product marketing team

• Continue to attend relevant blockchain/cryptocurrency community meetings

After the TOT chain is started:

• Carry out marketing activities for end users

• Use the TOT community to build attractive referral programs

• Provide Toto wallet technology to third-party security experts for strict review and build trust and reputation